Bambeautiful 2.0

Bamboocycle, BamBikes, BamCycles, BooBikes, BigGrassWheeler. Just some of the names given to the hybrid bamboo bicycle phenomenon Inspirez is getting involved with. Okay maybe not BigGrassWheeler, I made that up but I think I like that the best.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about and are about to go back to YouTube for videos of Hippo’s farting and Panda’s reciting Hamlet have a look at Bambeautiful

To get my bicycle race off to the most explosive start I need to know where it will ideally finish so in true social media style a poll will be my catalyst for completion.

For your viewing pleasure I have compiled some of the finest examples of Bamboo Bicycles on the interweb and I am asking you to help a brother out by selecting the one you like best for me to then use as my model guide. You may have already planned your good deed this Christmas but I say stop a second. Hold on to that loose change, don’t hug a hoodie (they don’t deserve your love) and never mind those pesky snow leopards (they’ve got plenty of habitat left!). For real self-fulfilment this festive season contribute to an on-line poll about a man and his as yet non-existent bicycle.

Bamboo Bike 1

Bamboo Bike 1

Bamboo Bike 3

Bamboo bike 4

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