2012: The Greatest Moments


With 2013 having appeared on the horizon faster than a performance enhanced Usain Bolt strapped to a pair of nuclear roller skates the precious seconds of what we called 2o12 dripped away like the tea in your Granny’s hip flask. The very fact we are discussing the beginnings of a new year is surely a reason to drink and be overtly merry. The Mayans had written us all off their stone tablet and into oblivion, if they had only invested in an Ipad we could have avoided the whole embarrassing incident.

Having survived the apocalypse we can all breath a little easier and think back to the moments that took our breath away for the right reasons. A year in review, heavily edited, to look back with Inspirez tinted spectacles on the fantastic things 2012 brought us.


Gangnam Style

We maybe shouldn’t admit this but Gangnam style has made it into the illustrious top ten list. Cast aside everything you know about the K-Pop phenomenon; the clothes, the dance moves, the fact it was the first UK number one single for a Korean artist not to mention an overweight chap in his mid thirties. The main reason it made our list was because of the astounding worldwide reach that gave the song one billion YouTube hits. Justin Bieber is not a happy lady.


Slip stream side burns

Bradley Wiggins‘ year in yellow is something to be marvelled at. Becoming the first British person to win cycling’s most prestigious event would have been enough to hang up his cleats happy. Couple the Tour de France victory with Olympic gold in the time trial and you have every cyclists wet dream of a year good enough to lubricate the most corroded iron horse. Top that off with the BBC’s sports personality of the year award and a knighthood in the new year honours list puts Wiggo’s year up there with the best of them.


Fearless Felix Baumgartner

The man with the tongue twister name, Mr Baumgartner, who on the 14th of October this year decided to step out onto the ledge of his red bull stratos balloon at an elevation of 39km to then jump back down to earth at a neck breaking speed of 834 mph. The fact that the previous record set by Joseph Kittinger stood for 52 years shows you just how nuts the stunt really was. Red Bull may not give you wings but they’ll loan you a giant balloon instead.


Roy of the Rovers

The successful landing of NASAs Martian explorer, Curiosity, was an incredible achievement for the worlds favourite space agency. The highest profile unmanned space mission since the Voyager probes landed gently down on the red planet like a wounded butterfly on the 6th of August. The size of a small family car and equipped with more space gadgets than Will Smith versus illegal immigrant aliens. Sent to explore the Martian surface in search of signs of previous, presumably microbial, life the system that allowed it’s successful landing was incredibly impressive employing the services of a “sky crane” that along with some thruster force slowed the one tonne rover from a rivet jangling 6km per second entry speed to a gentle 1 mile per hour to greet the dusty ferrous surface with a gentle earthly embrace. Maybe it won’t be long before we send some astronauts to keep the magnificent silver beast company.


The Paralympics

From it’s humble beginnings in 1948, the paralympics has ran, jumped, swam and murderballed itself a very long way. A showcase event this year in London brought the paralympics up a huge sporting notch. The true legacy of London’s Olympic games may not be the overriding success of athletes like Usain Bolt and Mo Farah but rather the fundamental change that the paralympics made the world view people with disabilities. Incredible stuff.

ryder cup

Ryder Cup

I love golf, sorry hipsters. The Ryder cup if you do not already know is a biannual competition between the USA and Europe where they tussle it out for golfs greatest glory. The history isn’t important but all you need to know from this years tournament was that Europe won coming behind from an unprecedented 10-6 away deficit to win in incredible fashion on the final day. Throw in some added Seve Ballesteros emotion which gave 2012 an incredible sporting climax.

Don't try this one: Professor Peter Higgs with a description of the Higgs model.

Higgs Boson

Science dweebs unite! The god particle has been discovered by those delightful underground folks at CERN in Switzerland. The statistical confirmation of the particle that brings mass to the world was confirmed earlier this year after being theorised by Peter Higgs back in the sixties. If you think this doesn’t affect you it might actually be the best thing on this list for you and I because fundamental breakthroughs in physics have over the last number of decades been the most beneficial sources of new technologies. Without the development of quantum mechanics during the 20th century we would be without the micro chips in your MAC and the mobile phone in your pocket. The very fact you can read this, the internet, is the resulting work of the scientists at CERN who developed it to share their data. Thanks Mr Higgs.


The Olympics

Where to start. The Queen and 007 taking a leisurely sky dive together, Jessica Ennis charming a nation, David Rudisha’s 800 metre triumph, Usain Bolt running really fast, wheels in the velodrome. Perhaps some British nostalgia coming in here or did the rest of the world revel during London 2012. If they did maybe they enjoyed my own personal highlight as much as me, Mo Farah’s 5000 and 10000 metre wins were astoundingly good telly, enough to make a grown man weep the hopes of a nation were on the little man’s shoulders and he delivered with all the speed and accuracy any Mobot would be proud of. If there is ever an Olympics as good as London 2012 I will eat my hat.

So there we have it, 2012 in a nutshell. Those were the headline grabbing highlights from around the world but what were your own ones. Did you do the things you said you would and will you try again in 2013. Look out for our forthcoming article Revolution Max to help you make 2013 as inspirational as some of these little moments above.

Inspirez out.

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