Resolution Max

92% of all new year resolutions fail. That is fall on your face flat failure, splat. There’s nothing wrong with being a statistic tho, what about the 8% that achieve what they set out to do? Are they setting the bar really low or are they some sort of super hero achievers, born to rub our faces in their glowing self esteem. Is there a way to join the super succeeder elite? The Double D philosophy always helps and no I don’t mean giant bazookas. Drive and determination. Perhaps the problem with a new year resolution is that most people aren’t used to prolonged periods of continual focus. Let’s be honest, most people including me are flaky, prone to spikes in application and wandering procrastination.

I’ve decided to try something different.

The new month resolution is born. Before you switch off I know that sounds like a dozen times the work but hear me out. At the start of January I made a list of how I want my year to go and as exciting and engaging as that list was it was equally daunting and demanding. I also realised that I probably did the same thing last year and like the 92% of you out there that are probably fed of being a statistic I decided to do something about it this time.

It’s remarkably easy to do and I’m already seeing the benefits. I won’t give away my yearly list, you’ll have to wait a little longer for that but here are the things that I want January to bring.

1. Eat 5 portions of fruit/veg daily.

2. Complete entry for half iron man.

3. Fix my acoustic guitar and learn blues guitar.

4. Take my measurements (waist, chest, arms etc) and set aims.

5. Practice golf twice.

6. Book holiday to Vancouver travelling down the west coast of Canada/America to San Francisco.

7. Go swimming and complete 50 laps.

Seven things of which if I complete them I can look back and say I got out of January what I wanted. Eleven days in and I am sticking to my fruit and veg pledge which I would recommend to anyone, huge boost of energy and concentration. I am waiting on the entry opening up for the Aberfeldy half Ironman this month and as soon as it does my name is going to be on it. I have cleaned, waxed, polished and restrung my 12 year old semi acoustic guitar which I have neglected for too many a year. Learned some short blues riffs and can feel the callouses that I need to play for more than ten minutes start to return. Thanks to Scuba for the inspiration. The old measuring tape can be friend or foe and December was on the foe side so I have where I’m at and we will see where I get to in the rest of the year. Golf is a phenomenal sport but bunker bashingly difficult so the only way to get better like most things is to practice and having put in one two hour session already this month, one more and I’ll be on my way to less on-course freak outs. The west coast of america is a startlingly beautiful place to visit, try it some time. Myself and my good friend Big O have planned our vacation to see 2000 kilometres of it this September, waiting on hopefully a few other participants to bulk up the numbers and we should be able to book it all before the calender flips to February. Finally to tie in with my Iron man entry I’ll need to get to grips with the sea, dust off my water wings, visit the local pool and get some serious training going.

The idea behind all of this is too build little pieces of a big puzzle one month at a time to turn  year into the greatest gigantic mega puzzle ever pieced together. We all want to achieve our dreams so why not ask yourself what goals and dreams have you longed to complete but could never quite reach? Maybe a new month resolution will work for you too. Perhaps when 2014 comes around I’ll be able to join that magical 8% once and for all.

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